Legal Translation

China has achieved a remarkable result after 30 years of economic reforms. It is now unforgivable to ignore this country when exploring business opportunities.

When the East meets the West, translation is like a bridge facilitating and fostering mutual understanding and cooperation.

In fact, Chinese is one of the oldest languages known. In addition to the official Standard Mandarin, there are also many dialects among the family of Chinese. Due to different political and economic environments, terminologies adopted in mainland China, Taiwan China, and Hong Kong may also be different. These present a special set of challenges for Chinese-related translation.

Translation is also all about understandings. Without in-depth knowledge in the legal systems and the history and cultures behind the languages, precise and vivid translation can never be achieved.

We know and appreciate your needs and demands. We provide efficient, cost-effective and to-point legal Chinese-English translation services. All our services will be supervised by Johnson, a Hong Kong solicitor, who also obtained a Master in China laws.

We also recognize our ethical and professional responsibilities when comes to confidentiality. All information provided by you remains your / your client's intellectual property and we shall keep them as strictly confidential. We also implement various internal control measures to manage the confidential information.

Intellectual Property Services

Johnson was specialized in the field of intellectual property services for 10 years.

Johnson was experienced in both contentious and non-contentious IP-related matters such as handling worldwide trade mark portfolio and initiating enforcement actions relating to anti-counterfeiting and customs actions especially in the Greater China Region.

Johnson has also successfully assisted in concluding various business settlements and acquisitions to resolve IP-related disputes.
We look forward to the opportunity to serve your business.