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When we talk about business solutions, we mean it. Professional, practical, confidential, cost-effective, attentive, quick and precise. At times, out of box too!
We understand your business and think from your perspective, and help you discover your practical needs to achieve your commercial goals.

How can Origin help you?

“Origin”, in pursuit of breakthroughs with both professionalism and profound creativity, showcases our freshness, flexibility and fearless pursuit of breakthroughs in the colour of crisp green which gradually matures into dark green, outlining our eternally youthful and enthusiastic yet sophisticated professionalism.


Compliance is the foundation of business operations. From the incorporation of a company to its maintenance of registration, staff employment, payroll management, and even contract signing, each step of operations must be handled in accordance with laws and regulations. If any matter in relation to compliance is not overseen by professional, you may violate the law and put your business at risk.

Let us provide you with professional assistance in compliance, e.g. incorporation of company, human resources or commercial documents, so that you can focus on developing your business and move forward to success.

Intellectual Property

It is not only a branch of specialized knowledge but also a form of art for allocating and prioritizing resources wisely and reasonably to tie in with the development in different stages and for formulating due policy for intellectual property management.

Facing the dynamic market environment, it is vital to have a forward-looking and all-round intellectual property strategy tailor-made by experts from application and registration to maintenance and commercial use and capitalization.

In addition, if infringement cases of all kinds are not handled seriously, the rapid growth of your business would very likely be hindered.

Rendering our expertise and experiences, let us formulate an intellectual property strategy for and with you, and together we create and protect the unique values of your business.

Language Center

As your business develops and expands, commercial and financial activities with foreign partners all over the world will certainly take place more frequently, and you will need the professionals to assist in translating the commercial or legal documents for you or transcribing the proceeding of meeting from audio to text for record, so as to ensure the legality and fairness of such activities. Our professional Chinese and English bilingual services are right in place to be offered as an effective support for you.

Our team is of a special edge for our legal background. We understand the laws, and we also understand your needs. We place utmost importance on efficiency without compromising the quality and accuracy. “We understand, so we translate.” With profound Chinese and Western cultural background combined with professional knowledge and experience in law and business, Origin will translate business and legal documents for you with accurate meanings and consistency in styles in the desired time frame.


When we talk about business solutions, we mean it.

We understand your business and think from your perspective, and help you discover your practical needs to achieve your commercial goals.

Our team is led and supervised by Johnson, a Hong Kong solicitor. It gives us a special edge of legal background, that we will always take one step ahead and lay out the legal aspect of the matter for your consideration regardless of the services that you are currently engaging.

Business Match-making

Under the influences of easier information flow and continuous innovation in transportation, the pace of globalization and even of market changes are getting faster, as such cross-industry cooperation has now become a major trend in business world. Facing significant market changes, we believe that as a professional service provider the values of Origin should be further enhanced and boosted, that while providing high-quality services, through in-depth understanding, communication and opening up of resources, we will promote cross-industry cooperation among clients and injects new impetus into your business growth.


As the global economic centre of gravity shifts from the West to the East and from the mature markets to the emerging markets, while Taiwan market is similar to Mainland China market in respect of its language, geographic position and culture, Taiwan has become a base chosen by corporates for entering the Mainland China market and other emerging markets in Asia and further for linking up with the world.

Exploiting the advantage of rooting in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Origin assists you in integrating your business development plan with our experience and local perspective, providing and developing the resources you need, and starting to explore the road of investing in Taiwan from scratch with you.

With sincerity,
let us achieve something new together with you.

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