Johnson Lam

Hong Kong Solicitor, Director

Hong Kong Practising Solicitor, specialized in global intellectual property affairs for over 13 years
Partner, Hui & Lam Solicitors LLP
Director, O9B7 Limited
President, Asia Innovation & Intellectual Property Society
Founder, Network Moment

“Working with clients is never as simple as taking instructions, getting the job done and getting paid. It is about the overall embodiment and integration of one’s capability and sincerity.” Johnson, who likes making friends and connecting with people, said in a gentle but affirmative voice. Soft yet powerful, you can naturally feel the energy of Johnson in his tone.

Johnson has specialized in intellectual property for over 13 years. Solving the problems of clients’ and catering their business needs at legal standard, Johnson has gained an insight of getting along with clients. Understanding and solving the core and original issues of clients’ wholeheartedly is the key, and that’s why we are called “Origin”.

In the modern society of information explosion, all of us seem to have a rough idea of everything. That said, as a professional service provider, you should not merely tell your clients about what you know about a matter like a teacher giving lessons to the students. Understanding is the starting point of everything. Understanding in good will is achieved by astute observation and asking smart questions with empathy. In business world, the perspective of each and every company and its staffs in different positions should be understood. You should even understand them more than they do to themselves and get to know what they are confused with. You could come up with an effective solution only when you understand. “Practically effective” is the creed of Johnson’s. Bearing in mind that result-oriented is always the number-one rule of game, and speed is the essence of everything, you will require profound experiences and delicate skills to allocate the least resources to achieve the best results in the shortest period of time. Likewise, Origin has kept reforming our services and taken up new challenges in the hope of providing our clients with the business solutions of higher quality which suit clients’ needs even better.

Johnson and his Origin team have been ready to walk and progress with you. Could we be honoured to know and understand your needs? Let us light your dreams, and set off to a journey of success with you!

“Being sincere is our attitude, while being practical is our action. The dreams that we have are the direction needle leads our way to the future. In pursuit of breakthroughs with both professionalism and profound creativity, showcases our freshness, flexibility and fearless pursuit of breakthroughs in the colour of crisp green which gradually matures into dark green, outlining our eternally youthful and enthusiastic yet sophisticated professionalism. This is Origin.” -Johnson Lam

David Lee

Patent Consultant

Registered US patent agent
Has over 12 years’ experience in practicing patent matters

David is a registered US patent agent who has over 12 years’ experience in practicing patent matters, and has an expertise in computer related inventions, ranging from hardware structure and manufacturing to software programs and smartphone applications. David also has extended experience with inventions related to non-computerized electrical or mechanical products.

“Growing up, I have always wanted to be an inventor. In my mind, there are a few characteristics that make a successful inventor. The first one is having the determination to understand how things work. From school tests to cooking to building a bridge, understanding is always more successful than mere memorizing. The best way to understand is to reduce something into concepts. You always learn concepts, not products. Once you learn a concept from one product, you can always apply it to other existing products or develop future products. The second one is the dissatisfaction of the present. It is easy for one to just feel content to the current world, where you follow the existing rules, accept the problems and imperfections, and stop asking questions. If your dreams disappear, you are left with a body that can only see the things in front of you but not tomorrow. The last one is the persistent drive to improve. No inventions are complete in a day. Most inventions take years of failure until materializing and more years or even a whole life to finally perfect. An inventor must keep motivated throughout this long and grueling process, or the invention may stop one single step away from success.

The patent system is made for protecting inventors’ efforts for realizing inventions. Thankfully, I have the chance to become a patent agent, and my aim is to be the closest partner to all inventors. I will understand your invention, I will share your dream, and I will fuel your drive.” – Mr. David Lee.

Veron Lau

Translation Manager

Has over 8 years’ experience in legal translation

“ ‘We understand, so we translate.’ I could not share this slogan of Origin’s any more.

Legal translation is never a simple form of translation. No matter what topic, for examples intellectual property or business cooperation, a legal document concerns, it bears legal liabilities that even a minor mistake or misinterpretation of a word or a phrase in the translation can make the document void and ineffective.

There are numerous types of legal system in the world today, and you may easily identify any of the many differences among them. Without thorough understanding and in-depth knowledge in the legal systems and the history and cultures behind the languages, precise and vivid translation can never be achieved.

Thus, it is not only the number one requirement for a translation specialist to possess experiences in the legal systems (particularly the common law system and the civil law system), extensive knowledge of laws and the ability to competently translate the meaning, the style and even the tone of the document are also of paramount importance. With solid legal background and rich experiences, Origin, a dedicated team of professional translators, does not only meet one but all requirements listed above.

Not only the texts, we also fully understand that your needs for legal translation usually come up at the last minute and thus a quick, if not immediate, turnaround is required. At Origin, such urgent needs are duly adapted to without compromising the quality and accuracy.

Driven by our core value of “Excellence”, all of our strengths above outstand us from the industry and make us your trustworthy business partner.

Translation is like a bridge facilitating and fostering mutual understanding and cooperation. We do hope that by rendering our understanding, we facilitate your cooperation and in turn we develop a strong bond and grow together.” – Ms. Veron Lau

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