Pursuit of breakthroughs with both professionalism and profound creativity

Comprehensive business consultancy services with high efficiency

We not only have a pool of talents with expertise in the field of compliance, business and translation, but also possess profound Chinese and Western cultural background underpinned by vast knowledge of history.

How can Origin help you?

“Origin”, in pursuit of breakthroughs with both professionalism and profound creativity, showcases our freshness, flexibility and fearless pursuit of breakthroughs in the colour of crisp green which gradually matures into dark green, outlining our eternally youthful and enthusiastic yet sophisticated professionalism.


From the incorporation of a company to its maintenance of registration, staff employment, payroll management, and even contract signing, each step of operations must be handled in accordance with laws and regulations.

Intellectual Property

From application and registration to maintenance and commercial use and capitalization, it is vital to have a forward-looking and all-round intellectual property strategy tailor-made by experts.

Language Center

With profound Chinese and Western cultural background combined with professional knowledge and experience in law and business, Origin will translate business and legal documents for you with accurate meanings and consistency in styles in the desired time frame.

Customized Services

Always taking one step ahead and laying out the legal aspect of the matter for your consideration.

Business Match-making

While providing high-quality services, through in-depth understanding, communication and opening up of resources, Origin promotes cross-industry cooperation among clients and injects new impetus into your business growth.

Investing in Taiwan

Exploiting the advantage of rooting in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Origin assists you in integrating your business development plan with our experience and local perspective.

Our People

Hong Kong Practising Solicitor, specialized in global intellectual property affairs for over 13 years
Partner, Hui & Lam Solicitors LLP
Director, O9B7 Limited
President, Asia Innovation & Intellectual Property Society
Founder, Network Moment
Johnson Lam
Hong Kong Solicitor, Director
Registered US patent agent, has over 12 years’ experience in practicing patent matters, and has an expertise in computer related inventions, ranging from hardware structure and manufacturing to software programs and smartphone applications. David also has extended experience with inventions related to non-computerized electrical or mechanical products.
David Lee
Patent Consultant
Has over 8 years’ experience in legal translation. Thinks that translation is like a bridge facilitating and fostering mutual understanding and cooperation, and hopes that by rendering our understanding, we facilitate clients’ cooperation and in turn develop a strong bond and grow together with clients.
Veron Lau
Translation Manager

The expanding and vigorous Origin

90% of startups quietly disappeared in five years. It is hard to start a business, but it is even harder to keep going. Yet, stepping into its fifth year, Origin has decided to expand vigorously and cordially invite fellow aspirants to join us.

3 Steps to Success

Origin is here for you

Johnson, Founder of Origin, is keen to listen to all comments and always wants to know how we can assist.


Listening to and understanding your issues

To Origin, truly understanding the issues that are right in your mind is of our utmost concern, as understanding will make changes.


Walking by your side and working out the solutions

We are ready to walk by your side and work out the solutions with you. Appreciating that today’s society values “results” the most, we sincerely hope that we could achieve and enjoy the results with you.


Thinking further, and identifying more possibilities

The completion of a matter is not necessarily the end. It can even be another new beginning.

Do you want to start a project with us?

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