About Origin

Incorporated in Hong Kong in 2011, Origin is a young but professional team led by Mr. Johnson Lam, Founder and Hong Kong Solicitor, who has expertise in Intellectual Property and Commercial Laws.

Our Logo

真 True

Safeguarding the Truth
Truly for You

原 Original

Translating and Match-making in an Accurate and Proper manner

小 Delicate

Assisting your Expansion from
Start-up Stage

大 Great

Steering your Business with you on the Global Landscape

“Origin”, in pursuit of breakthroughs with both professionalism and profound creativity, showcases our freshness, flexibility and fearless pursuit of breakthroughs in the colour of crisp green which gradually matures into dark green, outlining our eternally youthful and enthusiastic yet sophisticated professionalism.

Our Belief

“Affordable Excellence” is our core value.

We not only have a pool of talents with expertise in the field of compliance, business and translation, but also possess profound Chinese and Western cultural background underpinned by vast knowledge of history, thereby enabling us to, on the basis of eastern and western trade and business models, review and cater for your business needs on a par with international legal standards. Being flexible and ready to think out of the box, we are prepared to provide you with customized, precise and comprehensive, cost-effective and all-round business consultancy services of high quality.

We are dedicated to efficiently and effectively create the greatest values of your business at a reasonable cost.

Why is Origin Trustworthy?

Our team is led and supervised by Johnson, a Hong Kong solicitor. It gives us a special edge of legal background, that we will always take one step ahead and lay out the legal aspect of the matter for your consideration regardless of the services that you are currently engaging. For instance, when marketing we will remind you to be particularly cautious about compliance with the Trade Descriptions Ordinance.

Since 2011, Origin has served numerous clients and has been praised for our excellent services. You will find our professionalism and profound experiences the source of trust that you will develop in us.

Under the influences of easier information flow and continuous innovation in transportation, the pace of globalization and even of market changes are getting faster, as such cross-industry cooperation has now become a major trend in business world. Facing significant market changes, we believe that as a professional service provider the values of Origin should be further enhanced and boosted, that while providing high-quality services, through in-depth understanding, communication and opening up of resources, we will promote cross-industry cooperation among clients and injects new impetus into your business growth.