History of Origin

90% of startups quietly disappeared in five years. It is hard to start a business, but it is even harder to keep going. Yet, stepping into its fifth year, Origin has decided to expand vigorously and cordially invite fellow aspirants to join us.

Incorporated in Hong Kong in 2011, Origin is a young but professional team led by Mr. Johnson Lam, Founder and Hong Kong Solicitor, who has expertise in Intellectual Property and Commercial Laws. Being young is not necessarily being immature, and our youthfulness is indeed embodied in our strong enthusiasm and high level of acceptance of novelties.

After 5 years of exploration through serving different clients and communicating with people from different areas, we heard from our clients and understood their needs. Not only did it facilitate the improvement of our quality and enrichment of our service content, but it also strengthened our belief and determination to serve. Expanding our footprint, Origin started stationing in Kaohsiung in 2016 and inviting local talents to join us. With the abundant cultural and human resources integrated, not only have we enhanced and upgraded our professional business consultancy services of compliance, language and global intellectual property, but we have also sought and collected talents in the areas of marketing, information technology, multi-media and in creative industries, which enabled us to build and provide our clients with a series of diversified and integrated services from business operations, marketing to cross-industries connection and collaboration etc.

Further to enhancing and expanding our service scope, Origin took the initiative to connect businesses in different industries so as to create a flourishing chain of development with the effect of 1+1>2. In the circumstances, Origin set up “Network Moment” in 2019 to draw the talents together in order to facilitate business connection and promote cross-industries business matching. We sincerely hope to grow and achieve and share a fruitful result with you.