We impress our clients and stand out from the competitors with quality and efficiency. We do act and react quicker than others, and are more attentive to the requests and enquiries of our clients Origin always takes care of and give weight to clients’ thoughts and vows to provide cost-effective solutions to clients.


If you are 1% stronger every day, you will be 37 times better after a year. We are never tired of learning and exploring, and we always need to get ourselves prepared for adaption to the forthcoming changes. Maturity is an attitude, a mentality as well as a goal. When you are mature, you will become fearless of competition or emergency.


Origin acknowledges that its staffs are most productive when they have achieved a work-life balance that enables them to meet their responsibilities outside work. We will keep consider how best to enable staff to achieve an effective balance between work and life outside the workplace.


Origin’s core values including treating each other and our stakeholders with respect, as well as our physical and social environment. We also strive to attract and retain a diverse and talented workforce in a company, while privacy is respected, health and safety of employees is safeguarded, and innovation as a living style is encouraged. Retaliation is no solution.


Origin’s reputation is the result of our services rendered, and accuracy is the fundamental. We want our clients all over the world to have confidence in the accuracy and thoroughness of the information and advice we provide. We have a zero toleration policy against silly and/or careless mistakes as it may be irremediable.


Our job is strictly confidential in nature. We cannot emphasize more about the importance of this value. Origin is committed to protecting client’s confidential information. Avoid talking about company affairs at public places. Penalties can be severe and this will be the last value you would like to be in breach of.


We always strive for excellence. We also remain focused and attentive to the fine details. Be frank and open to mistakes and failure. So long we can learn, grow and taking something out from them, mistakes and failure should be a great worth.